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  • Dually Drivers Silverado 3500

    More pickups? Yes please!

    The thing about Greenlight - while they churn out so much product that I can't keep up with them, they have done a really good job diversifying their lineup in recent years. So I made myself a promise that I would only purchase their emergency vehicles and trucks.

    I guess this qualifies for the latter category.

    After introducing pickup truck castings from the 'Big Three' American manufacturers (Chevrolet, Ford and Ram) as well as one from Nissan, Greenlight has taken it a step further to make even bigger trucks - duallys. Featuring two sets of tires on the rear, these trucks are really made for work - which is where this Silverado comes in.

    What drew me to this particular model was that large rear flatbed area. For lack of an idea, I decided to put some hay bales on it.

    Overall, this is a very nice model. The bed area is made of diecast, as is the cab, however the base is made of plastic. Understandable, given just how large the casting is.

    And for comparison, if you thought that their pickup truck castings were large, these are noticeably bigger.

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    Yes, I agree with your last statement. I picked up a dually work truck and thought it was very big also.


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      Great to see a small flatbed offering! The bales bring back memories of long ago summers!


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        great pix- you could always put some emergency supplies on her so it almost qualifies as an emergency vehicle- at least emergency vehicle adjacent. I think i've got at least one of every variation so far, in all the colors. they've been getting a lot of "screen time".
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