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  • Volvo Construction series

    I've seen some have already posted photos of the Majorette Volvo FMX dumper. The new Construction series has now also appeared in my area, so I want to show the rest of the models as well. These models are really great!

    Next to the two 3-packs I also found three "convoy"-style trucks with trailers (or ex-300 series models if you will). There is a fourth one (Volvo FMX cab + dumper trailer) but I haven't found it yet.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	21121601.jpg
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    Let's start with the VOLVO FMX skip and cement truck. Both share same base and have ref #287A . The rear structure (either rear bed with skip or mount with barrel) is the same as on the old MAN TGS trucks. Accordingly, you can find ref #299F (inside barrel) or #299J (under skip bed) there.
    Does anybody have any information of the "real" ref # of these two? I believe the dump truck version to be the actual #287A. But more on that later.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	21121602.jpg
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    Next is this somewhat strange type of dump truck. No idea what this is called. It's base says VOLVO A60H with ref #298-A. And this thing is really heavy! I actually put it on a kitchen scale: 56g !!! In the hands of an angry toddler, this tuck can become a deadly projectile! Body, chassis, and dump are full metal. Only roof and base are made of plastic. The excavator (44g) has ref #298-C and VOLVO EC950F on it's base. The great thing about the excavator are the two joints in the gripper arm. Usually there is only one, right by the shovel.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	21121603.jpg
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    Then there is the bucket wheel excavator VOLVO L350H with ref #298-B and another VOLVO FMX. This time as a dump truck. Here, too, is ref #287-A on the base. In contrast to the other two FMXs, this one has a new dump. The ref #287-A is engraved on the underside which makes this the real #287-A. The dump on the FMX is plastic but these are quite heavy models as well: skip and cement at 62g each, dump truck at 64g. The HW Volvo 850 Estate I bought the other day weights only 30g...

    Click image for larger version

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    All three FMX lined up and ready for tough action!

    Click image for larger version

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    Next up is the models from the 300 series. I know they are not called that anymore but they would fit in there. Or maybe in the old 600 series? Anyway, the cabs have ref #287-C on their base. and old 600-series cabs were never part of the 200 range. At least as far as I know. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    There were no numbers on the packaging.

    The first set is simply called "FMX Construction Container". And it's my favorite. It's just terrific. Both containers have "Volvo" printed on one side and the door and windows on the other. The rear panel can be opened, the containers are securely fixed on the trailer with four pins each and they can also be stacked. What more do you want?

    Click image for larger version

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    Next we have the "FMX Show Truck" with pictures of the two excavators and the non-FMX dump truck. The trailer is mostly plastic and the rear doors are shut. Too bad!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	21121607.jpg
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    The third set is the "FMX Low Bed Trailer" and for a variation collector probably pointless. The wheel excavator is identical to the one from the 3-pack and the FMX cab is identical to the one from the office container set. The trailer looks nice and is licensed, but unfortunately made of plastic.

    Click image for larger version

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    Overall a great series. I'm now trying to find the last model somewhere.


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    Nice group! These are pretty well done, and very sturdy. Hoping I can find them myself without paying through the nose.

    The A60H (these are called articulated haulers, by the way). I have both Maisto (3 inch) and New Ray (close to 1/64) A60Hs, and they're both largely plastic. Surprised the Majorette is diecast. The only mostly diecast one I have is a Tomica Komatsu, and the bed does not dump. The Maisto doesn't articulate, either.

    I had assumed the beds were the same as on the MAN TGS, and it looks like I was right. Hoping the fire department ladder truck will be adapted to the FMX in the near future. Hoping things like the Zetros' crane and firefighting body can be adapted, but I doubt it.

    The L350H has a PROPER arm to it. I have some smaller Maisto Volvo loaders (L25H) and they are so poorly designed (front worklights/headlamps block the arms), the loader arms cannot raise more than halfway. The bucket (and forks on another variant) are snapped into place, and it took some shaving of the top attachment point to allow it to move.

    Same with the excavator. Heavy and a properly functioning loader arm. Love the added detail of the guarding screen on the cab.

    I think the old Matchbox containers from the '70s have met their match. Looks like these can also stash a three inch model inside. Love the site hut especially.

    I can't have enough low loader trailers, ever. While the Maisto may be plastic, it's one of the nicest ones I've seen at this price point.

    Shame on the haulers not opening up. I thought that was Matchbox's new box trailer only.

    At first, I was a little critical of them compared to the more accurate Maisto models, but the Maisto are made very cheaply, are largely plastic, and are poorly engineered and made. These look like the Majorette team put some thought into them, and made them durable and well detailed.


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      Majorettes construction models have always been well done, and these are no exception. Thanks for the great review and awesome photos.

      Like Cody, I am hoping to find these, though my local (seasonal) source hasn't seemed to stock any of the newer Majorettes. The cabs and trailers are great; haven't seen those before. Plenty of play value in all these pieces.


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        The FMX with construction containers is a real beauty.

        Thanks for the review.


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          Originally posted by cody6268 View Post
          The A60H (these are called articulated haulers, by the way).

          Thank you for the info! This is also explained by the "A" in the model name.


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            For the sake of completeness, the ref # of the trailers:

            - box trailer has no model name and no ref # on base
            - container trailer has no model name, but ref # R62-B cast on base
            - low bed trailer has FLIEGL LOW LOADER and R624 cast on base

            Is 624 actually 62-D? Or vice versa: does 62-B mean 622?


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              Thanks for this nice review!

              Until now I only found the single trucks and the construction equipment as 3-packs and as singles.
              So the tractor-trailer combination didn't showed up (jet) in my sourroundings.

              They are really great pieces, great execution! It looks that they sell quite well, much better than the Volvo CEs from Maisto.

              Probably Volvo was not too happy with the work of Maisto so they turned tp Majorette for this series.

              By the way the A60H is also called articulated dump truck, ADT in short, Volvo has a long history of building theses. Majorettes exectution is so great!


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                Some of those would fit into the THW set, if they were blue. A nice group of heavy-duty rigs.


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                  oh I wants the containers!


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                    that whole group looks to be well made.


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                      I am adding some pictures of mine,...

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Majorette-VolvoConctructionEquipment-zzz-red.jpg
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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Majorette-VolvoA60H-EC950F-zz-red.jpg
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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Majorette-VolvoFMXL350HWheelLoader-zz-red.jpg
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