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Calling ALL First Responder Die Cast Fans

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  • Calling ALL First Responder Die Cast Fans

    For any of you familiar with my not so little hobby, you probably know that i try to go to great lengths to gather and post accurate information the models that end up in the "big show". Over the years, i've run into a lot of stumbling blocks trying to find out information- such as if and when was this police car was used, or what is the call sign for this fire engine... Truth be told, i've probably put more effort into solving these mysteries than some crimes. Maybe it's a quirk of mine- but i always try to make sure i do my homework.

    So, i thought i would reach out to the experts for a little helping hand.

    This VW is marked for Sioux Falls South Dakota- and it might seem a little odd for a patrol car. If you look closely it says "Sioux Falls Kiwanis Club" on the rear fender. I assume this is for parades and special events, but other than some information on the Sioux Falls Kiwanis, I can't find any info on the PD or Kiwanis site.

    Sioux Falls South Dakota VW Beetle Police

    Classic Volkswagen Beetle
    Sioux Falls Police
    Sioux Falls Kiwanis Club
    South Dakota, USA
    Hot Pursuit Series 31

    Any body got the down low on this beetle? This mystery is bugging me...
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