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Falcon Ranchero in white

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  • Falcon Ranchero in white

    A Newbie for me!!!

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    That would look nice to the five pack issue of the '64 Fairlane Station Wagon in white!


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      Second recolor and they still won't put a chrome base on it.


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        Well, yours looks a lot better than the one I found with the spoke wheels. Those disc wheels just look like they belong on this model. Guess I better keep looking for the other variation. Click image for larger version

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        "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted." - R. Pausch


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          I wouldn't mind finding both wheel variations, but my preference is for the disk wheels if I only find one. This would be even sharper with a chrome base, but the extra process is probably a no no to the Mattel executives.


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            I just want to find one no matter the wheels........! Looks good in white.
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              Look for the Power Grabs issues. They have the disc wheels as far as I have seen (I've only seen the two I have, though). Still haven't seen this one or most of the new batch on cards, but all of it in Power Grabs boxes. The cards are better because you can see the entire art/illustration (it's greatly truncated on PG boxes), but you gotta get the model when you can. I managed to find one LA County Int'l Brush Truck on card at Target, and just this morning found a Caprice Classic NYPD on card at the other Target in town. (Found both in PG boxes last weekend, with the entire batch!)