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Ideal Toy Corporation Dukes of Hazzard Police car

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  • Ideal Toy Corporation Dukes of Hazzard Police car

    This is an oddball piece that I found at a train show years back. It looks like it came with a play set made by “Ideal Toy Corporation” but I don’t know anything about it. It’s 1/64 scale about the same size as an older matchbox or hot wheels. It looks like it shot out from something because there is a large opening below the trunk of the car. It’s a nice looking and fairly rare piece as I don’t see it around often😊

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    I'm thinking that's a Slam Shifter; which did feature a launcher for the car. I have the roughly as old Ideal slot car versions of the General Lee and the Hazzard County Sheriff's cruiser. Proportions are exactly the same proportions as the Slam Shifters. Dad had them as a teen, after he broke the Tyco cars his set came with. I retired them, since unlike Tyco or Aurora/AFX/Auto World, or Tomy/AFX they are hard to find parts for; and most common slot car tire sizes don't fit.


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      I would think Slam Shifters too, the clues being Ideal which made them for the first two of the three years they were made, the wheels which are unique to Slam Shifters, and the opening at the rear which accepted the Slam Shifter launcher.


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        I, too, would think this was an Ideal Slam Shifters offering - surprised thought that I don't have that one in my collection since it is a police car and at one time I had quite a few of the slam shifters in my collection.


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          Yep Ideal Slam Shifters.

          Found only in the Dukes of Hazzard play set.


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            And yet another 1978 Dodge Magnum casting I didn't know about...