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Awesome and Spectacular ❤MOPARS❤🥰

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  • Awesome and Spectacular ❤MOPARS❤🥰

    Just about every time I get one of these AW Mopars in my hand to dust off or clean, I wind up playing and admiring it for quite awhile. AW did an awesome job on them....

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    I really like the fact they did the Dart in Granny's version as well as the Sport version.

    These dark center nag wheels really look great on it.

    I have several colors, models, years and variations of their Challengers


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      I thought it was great they finally did a white Challenger R/T. Although it didn't say Vanishing Point anywhere, we all knew the car was the same as the one in the movie.

      Just about the same as Greenlight did with the Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Charger. We all knew that car also.


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        Nice assortment of MoPar products - good that you take the time to play with them when you dust them off. My special lady of 45 years had one of those granny Darts when we got married. And yes, she got to drive the Edsel, too!


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          Stunning cars sure wish I had all of those you have!!! Love those Mopars especially those Road Runners.
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