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Simsbury Fire Touchlight Parade

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  • Simsbury Fire Touchlight Parade

    This past Saturday my children and I took a trek up to Simsbury CT for the annual Simsbury Celebrates festival. This is a hospitality night held in the center of the town every holiday season with performers, games, crafts and such for children and adults to partake in. Most of the shops, restaurants, and civic clubs participate in one fashion or another. The events ends with a festive Fire Apparatus parade, here are a few shots.

    First up is the SFD's classic 1935 International / American LaFrance.

    In recent years the SFD has been favoring Spartan / 4 Guys for their wagons.

    They also still field a few E-One rigs.

    We get two Engines in one here, a Fire Engine trying to be a Train Engine!

    I believe this rig once served Branford CT.

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    This Ford / Pierce mini pumper once served Hamden but is now collector owned.

    Canton's Truck features eight tiny rainier and a little old driver so lively and quick.

    A 4x4 GMC / Pierce from East Hartland

    Can't have a Christmas Special (or any other holiday) with out Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

    Unionville's Rescue unit


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      This elder Ford C / Pierce is run by West Hartland.

      Windsor brought us Frosty the Snowman

      as well as this Engine pumping SNOW!

      A Brush unit from Washington.

      Washington's Rescue


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        The last group.

        An old Ford L series from Canaan.

        Bloomfield's big old Peirce Tower.

        Come on, someone was bound to bring the Paw Patrol decorations.

        New Hartford had this smoking chimney on their machine.

        Finally an HME from Avon.


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          Some really clever decorating there Brian, and neat to see all of them, thanks for sharing the Christmas parade.

          Of course the one that made me snicker a little was the rig pumping out snow, I was thinking the folks up in your neck of the woods probably see enough of that this time of year without having to make any extra , ahh but it is Christmassy, and everyone enjoys it when it's not sticking on the roads.


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            Funny is that we get snow, but its rear it accumulates in large quantities before January. We have had a very warm fall this year, and as of last week all the Ski Slopes in CT where still closed (most shoot to be fully opened by Thanksgiving) so the snow was exciting for the kids to see. We did get are first Noreaster of the season Sunday through today.


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              Looks like a fun show. Hopefully they didn't get a fire with all of that stuff on the aerials! I'd love to see a pic of a laddertruck working a fire with Christmas lights on it. We joke about that every year when we decorate our laddertrucks for the SLO City Christmas parade.


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                Ironically I just googled ladder trucks fighting fire with Christmas decorations and I saw this...

                it says it was Simsbury and Canton.... was this the same rig from your parade Brian?


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                  Yes, when we were leaving we saw several rigs pass us Code 3, some of which where still decked up, later on the news I saw some footage of the job in Simsbury.


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                    Another nice parade for those of us without the local dept having a special FD-primary Christmas 'showcase' event. Wonder how they get the lights to 'stick' on some of those engines' surfaces. I have a hard enough time just putting lights up around my garage door frame and along the rain gutters leading to the front door...

                    Thanks again for the holiday treat!


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                      Brian, Thank you for sharing these! Once again, as always, I enjoy your pictures!
                      Medic Dan


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                        Thanks for taking us to the parade Brian!


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                          A friend in California (up at Lake Tahoe) texted me a photo a few years back of one of the city's engines all decked out in Christmas decorations and lights and putting on a solitary (that is, a single engine was the entire 'parade') show thru the neighborhoods that engine 'covered'....with Christmas carols blaring from the siren/speaker on top. Said it happens every year in his neighborhood.