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Dinky 708-G Vickers Viscount Type 800

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  • Dinky 708-G Vickers Viscount Type 800

    Dinky Super Toys (~1/400)
    Nr. 708-G Vickers "Viscount" Type 800 air liner
    Originally released in 1956 or 1957. Released both years, no further details.
    Source: "Dinky Toys" (1988 / Dr. Edward Force)

    Got this little toy in October 2015. Rediscovered it while going through the DB looking for the new Schuco "Radiant 5600" (also a Vickers Viscount - see last photo for comparison) and stumbled across this instance of "Vickers." Took a little doing to un-earth it this afternoon, but here it is for all to enjoy. Previous photos only included it in the background. Now it can enjoy its 15 minutes of fame. The last photo is the Vickers Viscount disguised as the Schuco "Radiant 5600" (approx. scale: 1:64).

    Trivia: The Viscount was the first turbo-prop plane ever. Powered by Rolls-Royce engines.

    Figure 1. Dinky model ready to taxi down the green canvas tarmac.

    Figure 2. What's this - a dent near the front? Hopefully it's just the lighting. Must investigate.

    Figure 3. Obligatory view. See what data and detail was considered important enough to include.

    Figure 4. Schuco "Radiant 5600" (also modeled after the Viscount)
    - Jeff
    Supreme Miniature Vehicle Storage Solutions Architect