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    This company has proven very difficult to research, particularly in light of how frequently their models turn up from 60 years ago.

    Thank you to Joerx for bringing this company to my attention. I've spent a few hours attempting to learn more, and while I have come away with what I hope is a better understanding of Japanese toys on the whole from the era, this company because of the name tends to default in online searches to "trademark," (even when placed in quotation marks). And when searches do bring up Japanese toy makers from the era, it is typically Matsudaya, who also placed the initials T and M within a diamond (initials within a diamond is apparently a very common simple trademark among Japanese toymakers of that period of time). However, Matsudaya, who produced a line called "Modern Toys," placed the two initials M and T in a different order, with the M superimposed over the T. The type and "signature" of the Modern Toys models is very different from the models found as TM Japan.

    The TM models are very simple and lightweight, diminutive (2 inches or less) and simply made. They appear to be cast extremely thin. I did a search for the patent number listed above and it appears this patent has expired.

    So for now the name of this company remains a mystery to me, though in the day they were as common as Summer or pancake / generic models seem to us now, and held the same approximate position in the market...cheapest among the cheap, meant to be played with and tossed, not collected. Of note are some Brass Era oldtimers seldom seen at small scale.

    AEC Trolleybus

    Bedford Wrecker

    1886 Benz 3-wheeler

    Bristol Lodekka Bus


    Daimler Ambulance
    1885 Daimler "gasoline car"

    Dennis Fire Engine

    1892 Duryea

    ERF Petrol Tanker

    '50s Ford Concept Car
    1901 Ford Type A
    1908 Ford Type T

    1894 Heins


    1900 Locomobile

    Massey-Harris Farm Tractor

    1896 Oldsmobile

    1903 Packard Touring
    1909 Packard

    1769 Steam Car (widely regarded as the very first self-propelled vehicle)

    1898 Winton

    "Locomotive and three carriages"
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