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MAN #1183 1968 DODGE D-200

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  • MAN #1183 1968 DODGE D-200

    Here's the 1968 DODGE D-200:

    Interesting choice. I bet some customizers will give it regular-sized wheels.
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    This casting has been elusive in my searches thus far.


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      It would be perfect if they hadn't given it that lifted suspension and monster wheels. It's a bit difficult to rework the suspension. It's not like the JL IH Scout that all you had to do was yank off the lifted suspension parts, and put the axle in the hole between the chassis and interior.

      But, it's a Power Wagon. I will probably end up coming home with me. Other than the monster truck suspension, it looks great.


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        To me it would have been nicer if it had regular size wheels.


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          A much lowered suspension is on my to-do list, but I haven't found the right tires/wheels I want to use quite yet.
          "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted." - R. Pausch


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            I'm on the lookout for this one as well, and definitely agree how much better it would be in a standard height rather than a lift with big tires. I know it's about the kids, but I think Matchbox would have had a popular one even without such a high lift.