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5D Routemaster bus "Longlife"

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  • 5D Routemaster bus "Longlife"

    Picked this up yesterday. Still have the "Visco-Static" version from my original kid collection, but this was the first "Longlife" variant. Seemed almost too good to be true. I originally thought it might be a newer sticker, but under the magnifying glass it appears to be a mint decal. Who Knows? The Shadow do, but he ain't been talkin' much lately.

    Thoughts on whether it is a decal or sticker?

    - Jeff
    Supreme Miniature Vehicle Storage Solutions Architect

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    Well Jeff it is so crispy new looking, to see it straight on it appears like a label, especially the one side at the rear where in your photo the one side looks slightly lifted just over the doorway, which might be just the lighting, but then on your edge view, where the bus is laying down on its side, it sure looks like a decal, of course I think it is suppose to be a decal only on this version, but from the overall mint appearance of the bus it has probably just been well stored for all these years, so even the decals look bright new..

    You can check the finer casting details out at this link to see if it is the right casting for this version.


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      I would say a decal. Here: where it is draped over the raised line, part of the line shows through. A paper sticker likely would not wear as much without other wear nearby. The decal may have rubbed off from the raised line while in the box. Decals can also break when being applied.
      What a lovely piece you have.


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        What an awesome find! It definitely has been well kept to be in such excellent condition!


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          A little beauty.


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            Looks perfect! Always been a fan of the Routemaster bus.
            - Patrick

            ModellbauMaster on …


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              Great score. Good-looking photos, too!