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  • Hello Swifty

    I wanted to start this thread inviting Swifty to join us here at our new home.
    If it wasn't for Sean and Swifty's Garage, I think many collectors may have lost interest in collecting diecast.
    I have learned a lot about diecast and real automobiles from being a member of diecast sites and Swifty's Garage in particular.
    So if anyone reading this is in direct communication with Sean, please ask him to join us.
    We miss him.

    Cheers. Cobra

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    For what it's worth, I have extended the offer through a couple of routes for Sean to join us here, in any capacity he wishes. I've been told he is busy with real life, and I respect that. He is still welcome any time he is ready.


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      I'm really grateful to Swifty's Garage for being able to follow the news in the fast moving diecast world. I do hope he joins. Until I read this, I assumed he was running this site under a new name. I'm very glad, indeed grateful, that his legacy carries forward.