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Can anyone identify these cool models in the IHOP commercial?

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  • Can anyone identify these cool models in the IHOP commercial?

    So I keep seeing this IHOP commercial for their Addams Family movie specials. It wraps up with a cool city diorama with an IHOP and a bunch of cars and trucks in the parking lot that I can't seem to place. The vehicles are familiar of course, but the maker and scale are a mystery. It seems like these must be off-the-shelf models, as they are highly detailed, but I just can't figure out who made them.

    The Ford Club Wagon is very cool. I know Greenlight has one in the pipeline for next year, but I have only seen flat art released. No prototype photos have been seen, so I doubt that is the source. Also, the Toronado and Thunderbird are very cool. I'm guessing these might be a train scale layout brand, but I haven't seen these models at the train stores I visit. Any idea? Thanks. (By the way, that's supposed to be Uncle Fester's car crashing into the lot at the end. I doubt anyone has made one of those.)

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    Wow, good question. My best guess would be HO scale, likely makers like Busch. Not sure what the Uncle Fester car is supposed to be, looks like 1940s era stretch limo, but by whom I can't guess.


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      I'm guessing these are 1/43 scale and that the Econoline and 1964 Thunderbird are IXO models . . . from the James Bond release. The Econoline looks like the one in Diamonds Are Forever, while the Thunderbird looks like the one (especially the missing rear skirts) that Felix Leiter / the CIA drive in Goldfinger whilst trailing Oddjob / Mr/ Solo in the 1964 Lincoln Continental. The 1965 Lincoln in the photo could be the Greenlight model. Just a guess, also based on my assumption that 1/43 might be easier to work with and film rather than tiny 1/87. But yeah, nice models, and very tricky determining the brands!!!!


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        i also do not know who made them.but the layout and vehicles do look good.


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          That red Mustang fastback looks like the Hotwheel 1/87th scale Mustang I have in orange. So that would fit the HO scale.
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            Beats the heck out of me but the Chevy Truck in the first pic looks it could be a Greenlight.