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Corgi toys 1/64 scale scania pumper

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  • Corgi toys 1/64 scale scania pumper

    There are other emergency vehicles, a helicopter, boat & trailer that this fire engine goes with👍😊 I like this die cast because it’s made well and it looks realistic😃
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    Even though these Corgi toys are marketed towards kids more than collectors (in my opinion), I find myself wanting to pick up a few. The Supacat and Sprinter models were the two I was eyeing the most, but I think I might add this one to the list as well. Thanks for showing it!


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      Realistic, good details (though the cast over rear windows is my only criticism), and mostly metal--it's a winner in my book.

      A real shame they were never sold officially in the United States. Honestly, these looked great, and probably would have sold well; especially if they'd gotten them in stores. Tried to order a bunch from Hornby in the UK (Corgi's current owner) when the line was near its end (all sets were marked down extensively), and shipping for two five packs and a handful of singles was in the vicinity of $50. Earlier this year, I found a Royal National Lifeboat Institute promo Defender and boat set for $10 shipped from a seller in the States for about ten bucks. That, at present, is my sole Hornby Corgi Toys model. I hold them to the exact same standards as the old Husky models and some Regular Wheel Matchbox. They're made just as well and are just as detailed. And to a degree, they're a vast improvement over Corgi Jrs./Husky.


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        It is to bad this small scale series from Corgi didn't take off as they had a number of nice models as a part of it. I do like the Scania pumper (as well as the other emergency models that were part of the series). I still had a good connection in England in those days so was able to get them without any trouble.