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Matchbox 57-C Land Rover Fire engine and 63-B Airport crash tender

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  • Matchbox 57-C Land Rover Fire engine and 63-B Airport crash tender

    These are my Matchbox Land Rover fire trucks in the regular wheels, and the super fast “Transitional” wheels. I also added the Matchbox airport tender fire truck from the 1960’s I believe🤔 The Land Rover with the red wheels was painted on as a custom I think. Matchbox only made two variants with the Land Rover fire truck, regular black wheels, and super fast transitional silver wheels👍😊
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    I have them both. Honestly, they're among my Regular Wheel favorites. The Land Rover, based off the Carmichael FT-6, is my favorite Regular Wheel model. It was my introduction to Regular Wheel models. I found it in a small antique store in Lewisburg, West Virginia when I was 14. Not long after, I got into a buying spree with the things when I started buying online. During that time, I accrued close to three dozen Regular Wheel models. Now, after a long hiatus (and me writing off Walmart), I think it's time I started collecting them again. Casting details on both the Land Rover and Foamite rival and are superior to some high-end brands. Everything is crisply represented, down to the tiniest of details; such as the FT-6s hose spanners and slam locks on compartments with the Foamite.

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    The better one was my original pickup. Due to poor storage over the years, it did obtain a few small chips; but it still wasn't exactly what I now call "mint" when I got it, and at $20 probably overpaid. The worse one came in a lot, and at one point I considered getting rid of it. But, I like it as much as the better one. Since it is already in poor condition (and missing the ladder), it mostly stays on my desk. Decorative items tend to get knocked off my desk when there's a lot of paperwork and other items on it, so having something that can't be made any worse works.

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    My Foamite is in dire need of restoration. Missing the plastic parts and a LOT of its paint.

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      These are both cool old Matchbox, especially with the added features of the plastic accessories, unfortunately the first things lost with a kid playing with them, but they did give the models added playvalue..


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        Brings back good memories. It was always a little pick me up if I cleaned out my toy box and found the ladder.