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Solido 1:64, UCC Or Kyosho???

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  • Solido 1:64, UCC Or Kyosho???

    This site informed me that the Solido 1:64 models are in fact Kyosho castings. I’m sure I’ve also read that the UCC models are Kyoshos too.

    So where would I place pics of Solidos and UCCs in the Database? In their separate threads, place all of them in the Kyosho thread only or not bother at all?

    Apologies if the answer already lies elsewhere on this forum.
    "I love the smell of diecast in the morning."

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    At this point it is all in development.

    Allow me to add a further wrinkle...a seller I purchased a pre-production piece from in Hong Kong told me that High Speed - well known for making extensive lines for others as well as selling under their own name - made the first several series of Kyosho. I have the information quoted in the High Speed database model list, at the time I didn't have a Kyosho model list to reference. We now do have a Kyosho model list, and if memory serves it is a substantial portion of the early series, nearly half of all Kyoshos to present.

    Going through and reworking the database, I'm seeing models I might have bundled listed separately by "the name on the base" so to speak, because the poster (and often times a lot of the rest of us) don't really know where else to put it. I think if we knew the behind the scenes truth of the production over the years, it would narrow the field considerably, especially since about 1980, if we were talking of what factories made what. And since most of us don't speak or read Chinese, the history of most of the more modern models is surrounded in mystery. Nowhere is this more evident than in the "generic" Obscure and Arcane models, and to a somewhat lesser extent with the more recent Boutique makers.

    I think post as you feel best, and we'll go from there. Likely someone looking for the model will look under the brand name it was sold under anyway, with exceptions for models with well known histories (Matchbox, Corgi jr, Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning, Racing Champions, Ertl, Majorette and Tomica, primarily). I think Solido has a board, if I've moved it, it is under Lesser known brands. I don't recall UCC, I think that is one of the Japanese Coffee Cars (I know I moved Suntory Boss last night), that would be under Promotional models.
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    Thank you for your understanding.


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      Thank you very much jt3, that helps me a lot.

      It would be fascinating to learn the full history of these diecast brands. I would never have guessed High Speed were involved with Kyosho back in the day.
      "I love the smell of diecast in the morning."