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  • Kidco Plymouth Fury

    In the process of researching for something else I can across an ebay listing of a Plymouth Fury made by Kidco for a Cannonball release circa 1981. Didn't know this casting existed before or don't recall seeing it online. Anyone have info or pics of the actual model?

    Ebay Listing

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    Have not seen the cop car from that series. I have a red Ferrari from this series somewhere in storage.
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      i also have never seen that one.


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        I have exactly the same car on the same map.
        The model is in scale 1/43 (!) And therefore I do not collect it (should someone need it, please report).
        I do not know exactly what you want for pictures, so I just made some.
        But I can also do others, if necessary just ask.


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          Ernst is correct, I have the Mercedes C111 and bought it thinking it was 1:64. It's quite large and more in the neighborhood of 1:40 scale.


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            That's exactly what Brian was like. I bought the car because I thought it was a variation of this one, which is 1/60 scale.
            The model is also very similar, so I was deceived and did not pay attention to the scale.

            Scale 1/60


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              That answers that of why I'd not seen the model posted on small scale forums before. Thought maybe I'd missed out on an old iron sedan that I wasn't aware of in the 3" range. Thanks all for the replies and pictures.


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                Years ago I made that mistake before with a Sears Road Mates blisterpack, which I assumed was a Playart rescue truck I'd never seen before, and it arrived to be a larger scale friction toy.


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                  I was not aware that Kidco had even offered a series of 1/43rd or larger cars.