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        "Paging Doctor Tarzarian to the lobby, you have a visitor. Doctor Tarzarian to the lobby."

        'Sorry, we'll have to continue this discussion later.', said a middle aged man as he turned to leave his office. Behind him another doctor hurridly gathered together papers. Typically the centre-of-calm in the often frantic hospital, the doctor could barely contain his excitement as he strolled briskly towards the lobby. Entering the lobby his attention was immediately drawn to the young man in a golf shirt and the excited girl who was gesturing wildly as she spoke to him. The young man noticed his gaze, smiled and produced a set of car keys from his pocket.

        Even before the pair had made their way over to him the girl had started enthusiastically gushing, 'Merciful God, it's fast. I never thought I'd feel like mine is slow.'

        "Oh, what kind of car do you have."
        It's a '91 GT hatchback, like your car but a year older and with the normal headlights.
        Saif interjected, 'Aisha insisted on seeing it before it got delivered. My uncle is going to kill me, now all he's going to hear is 'can you order me a Voodoo? can you order me a Voodoo?'
        "Haha, it's that good?"
        Yes, I think you made a good choice to stick with a Ford engine instead of an LS.

        Saif handed the keys to the doctor and the cousins headed towards the door.

        Curiosity burned within the man's mind. It had been years since he owned a car of this nature, years since the accident. He thought about his old BMW; he thought about ex-wife and his son and the day they had left. She told him if he kept pouring his life into this hobby she'd leave but the addiction was too strong. He thought again and again about racing the M3 and his insatiable lust for power, first a stroker kit to get 2.5 litres, then a turbo - it still wasn't enough - finally a twin-turbo Chevy V8 found it's way into the engine bay - it was almost perfect. Then the crash, it wasn't even at high speed; a pick-up truck had started to spin on the slick roads and he spun into the guard rail trying to avoid it. His son was with him, and fine but it didn't matter, that was the final straw. They were gone and he was alone. He tried to break the addiction, sticking to gutless, boring rental cars and public transit hoping if he could prove it was the past that maybe she might return... and then it happened.

        Cruising along in whatever today's rental appliance was (Malibu? Camry? whatever...) he saw it coming up fast in his rearview mirror. The bright blue S30 screamed by, his eyes barely managing to focus for more than a glimpse as it passed. Suddenly his sense of lonliness was swallowed up by the other gaping hole in his heart he was ignoring.

        "It's already cost me my family, they're not coming back and even if they did I would never be able to swear off speed."

        Suddenly every free minute was consumed by searching for the next one. It wasn't long until a well-preserved shell of a Fox body arrived from Texas. Interior bits arrived from the Canadas and New England. Being a pediatric oncologist afforded him enough income to have the car professionally built and didn't afford him enough time to focus on the build himself. After seeing some of the work being done by the custom shop tied to Al-Mariyati Ford he decided to place his trust in them. The curiousity was too much to bear, it was time to see what you get when you invest a modest home's worth of money in an old Fox Body.

        As he walked out to the parking lot the brown Fox Body sat waiting for him. The rear fenders were nearly as wide as the half-ton truck next to it. A smirk crossed his face.
        He gave the throttle a little poke and heard the flat-plane V8 scream as it spun up. He cautiously guided the car out of the parking garage. Minutes later he was on the bypass loop and approaching the on-ramp to the expressway. Excitement built, he was nearly trembling with a grin steadily growing on his face. That blue devil had tempted him, but would the Zed be there?


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          The 400 Club has been using this '80 El Camino for years as a parts runner, and the decades of rough living show a little in the patina. Don't let the appearance fool you, a quick change of wheels and a whole 'nother beast emerges, with a twin-turbo LS heart. When your 'slow car' packs 700hp, it makes one question what all your call the fast car.


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            Don't ask why Yannick's pink R5 Turbo sounds like an out of tune snowmobile at idle. If you work for RotørywørX they'll eventually convert you and your car to the cult of the magic doritos. Technically it's no longer a turbo R5 Turbo. The blue R5GT is his every day car, it's quick in traffic, but won't be winning any stoplight drags.


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              This is my attempt at detailing the Japan Historics Skyline C110 to more closely resemble it's real life inspiration, the Liberty Walk Shakotan Police Skyline sedan. I didn't want to risk ruining it by attempting a conversion to the sedan, so it's definitely an imperfect replica. It's also missing the red lights on the grill at the moment. Enough of my own criticisms, here's the Skyline:

              Weewoo. Weewoo. I have to issue a warning, that car has far too much wheel gap and isn't nearly low enough. Those springs better be removed next time I see you.


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                Detailed the Zedo and gave it some more appropriate shoes. Just because she's a blue S30 doesn't make this one a devil, but maybe Kitami-san can tune it up a bit like that other S30 he's known for working on.


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                  Just a little meetup for old-times sake.

                  The Devil Z and Blackbird, back in the day.

                  Devil Z vs. VoodooLady; L28 twin turbo I6 vs. Voodoo N/A V8, two different approaches to building a 600HP Fairlady Z


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                    Skirts, wing and front splitter, widened track, custom exhaust.
                    2 litre Ecotec turbo with ALS
                    Sequential shift kit + Quaife LSD
                    265 section fronts, 225 section rea


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                      I don't recall how long I've had this, but the great finish could never make me overlook the crude looking base and wheels that stuck too far out. I found it while cleaning recently and decided to finish it off to the standard that the lovely detailing and paint on the body deserved. This one's staying out for awhile, I've missed seeing it and it's never looked this good before.


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                        I think I like this one even more than the blue one, and I really like the blue one...


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                          Nice little I6 powered cruiser.


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                            New wheels, no chrome, some detailing, just a quickie from Sunday.


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                              I thought 13 was a good number to give a Vega.

                              It's fun to make the more powerful cars nervous in the slow sections, even if they walk away on the next major straight.