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Sometimes 3 wheels are better than 2.

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  • Sometimes 3 wheels are better than 2.

    Added some detail to the seats and front end.

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    Nice detail work. This is a very interesting model...who'd'a thunk Matchbox (or any other small-scale diecast mfr) would make a model of one of these...even with its history of nice motorcycles... I couldn't resist it, but I keep trying to play with it going in reverse....just still not used to two wheels being in front even though the real things don't look so weird to me when I see them on the highway.


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      Wow - always so neat to see the added detail work on your models Ryan! Really makes this one pop! Ironically just so one of these on the streets of Bismarck the other day


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        Good job, Your details give it a more realistic look. I've only ever seen a few of these on the roads, even with the nicer Florida weather.

        Wonder if those things have some sort of ballast in them, I was thinking, if you only have a single driver in there sitting on one side weighing like 300 pounds, it might need some sort of balance to keep it stable....Lol, but I'm not entirely being funny, it is a curious thing weather the front end has enough counter weight to avoid problems.