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frequently getting logged out of DCG on iPhone

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  • frequently getting logged out of DCG on iPhone

    Finally getting around to posting this.

    Until a couple of months ago (?) I used to be able to stay logged into DCG on iPhone almost indefinitely. Of course, had to check the "stay logged in" box. Only an iOS upgrade or power cycle logged me out of DCG. For the last couple of months, I login, and soon after, I have to login again. Rinse and repeat. Did something change on the DCG end? Or is this a setting on the iPhone?
    - Jeff
    Supreme Miniature Vehicle Storage Solutions Architect

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    That might have something to do with the browser you're using.
    Have you tried to clear your cookies?


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      For me, that's Firefox and every website I use. On my phone, it will intermittently cause me to get logged out of every website I use. I suspect it purges cookies every so often.