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'90 Chevrolet Caprice NYPD

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  • '90 Chevrolet Caprice NYPD

    Thought I might hold out on acquiring this casting till the stock burgundy release that's upcoming soon. That failed! Saw this past weekend at Meijers in Terre Haute, IN and bought it. Proportions, bumpers/grill and wheels look spot on.
    Click image for larger version

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    I hear about all the neat diecast stuff that people find at Meijers stores and wish they were in this area. That Caprice cop car is a sharp looking ride! Certainly one that will need to be added to my fleet of NYPD cars.


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      I can hold out until the not-a-cop-car release, but that's a very well-done casting.


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        That NYPD look brings back memories... the casting looks great, but I, too, plan to wait for the civilian model.


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          can't wait to see these... I wonder if FSD was FSD back then? (if FSD is what I think FSD stands for)
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            I have this one, and I have the taxi, and I still want the "civilian" version!

            I can't tell you how many of these cars I detailed for the used-car lot at the Chevy-Olds dealership I worked at in the mid-80's through the early 90's, but I wouldn't be surprised if it numbered in the 40s or 50s. And that's not counting Caprice wagons, and Olds 88's and 98's. B-I-G cars, and I got the same flat-rate for them that I got for doing a little Chevette or Cavalier! The worst car I did for them was a year old burgundy Caprice sedan with matching vinyl top and cloth interior. You've heard about folks who trade in their cars when the ashtray gets full? Well, this guy held out a few months longer than that, until the ashtray overflowed all over the carpet on the transmission tunnel, staining it dark gray. The windows were very sticky and translucent at best due to all the tar buildup on them. It took me about 12 hours just to scrub the smell out of the interior INCLUDING THE HEADLINER!!! The owner must have hated clipping the shrubs lining his driveway, because the car had plenty of scrapes and scratches running down both sides. At least the engine was relatively clean, and the vinyl top was no harder than any other year old vinyl top, which is to say, easy. But the trunk? My guess is that he was a gardener because of all the dirt back there, with a healthy scattering of rock salt thrown in for variety's sake. I put roughly 20 hours into this one car, when I averaged about 5 hours to get a typical used car into such a condition where they could put it in the showroom if they wanted to (and did with certain special used cars on occasion). So you say the upcoming civilian car is burgundy? Goodie...