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  • Sinister in Black

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    This is from AW's 2019 Release #3 Set B which I found at Wal-Mart.

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    OH YES... Very lean and mean looking. I missed out on this one...


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      One of the best castings !


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        One of my favorite AW castings as well, even though they screwed up on the hood. The hood is supposed to go all the way back to the windshield, concealing the wipers. They did it right on their '70 Impala Custom Coupe, so why couldn't they do it for the '69 wagon? I really wanted them to nail this one because we had a 427 '69 Kingswood Estate when I was a kid. Now they need to make it in dark green with the exposed headlights to match the car we had exactly. I'm still looking for an Ultra Red, exposed-headlight version of this model, and an Ultra Raw of either version, if anyone out there in the garage has one that they're not too attached to...

        One thing AW messed up on this model with is leaving the chrome strips that surround the wood side appliques on the car. I realize this change would be more trouble than it was worth for such a slight difference, but I'm picky when it comes to my Chevys! Without the woodgrain, the big Chevy wagon in 1969 was just a "Kingswood", and it's interior was trimmed at the Impala level, while the "Kingswood Estate" had Caprice trim. Concealed headlights were a Caprice option not available on Impalas, so the concealed lights on this Kingswood (even though the badges on the quarter panels still say "Kingswood Estate") should be exposed. They're just fine on the Caprice-level Kingswood Estate. I still prefer the look of the exposed headlights, though.


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          WOW! Have not seen that one yet.........such a nice casting.
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