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  • MBX Color Changers

    I put it in the fridge, it is Spring in Australia after all.

    Room Temperature, which happens to be a lovely 28 degrees C (82 F)

    Outside in the sun, 35C or 95F

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    I like the cold blue color best, but I suppose keeping it displayed in the refrigerator is not practical.


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      Yeah, me too. I had to put it back in the freezer to get it to change back from the ‘hot’ colour .
      i bought it because it was a transporter, (Ihave a full-size vanagony),not because it was a colour changer. The hot grey is horrible. Perhaps it can live In the butter compartment in the fridge.


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        Nice livery! Matches the Best of World van from a couple years back. Kinda fun messing with the temperature, and seeing what it does to the color. I had an HW that I used to do all that stuff with--eventually, after a few years being left in a window, it got stuck in a yellowish color and never changed again.

        My problem with Color Changers is the price. Honestly, the addition of thermochromic plastic/paint on a plastic body doesn't make it worth 4X the cost of its diecast bodied equivalent. In fact, the first issue of this casting I found was a Color Changers--I put it back, and would eventually find both variants of the mainline casting with and without the tools in the bed.


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          Interesting - never thought about putting one of those in the freezer or the fridge - like Cody though I tend not to buy them as I don't care for the higher price on them.


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            I have bought a few first think in the morning, and had them sit in the car in the summer heat, to find the changed colors during the day. So the freezer makes since.


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              i also use the freezer to get the darkest color..but i also find the price to be out line of what i feel it should be.


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                I'll buy them if they're 'emergency vehicles'. Price is no object (to a degree) if the item is a fire truck, ambulance or police car and it's a Matchbox...