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Hot wheels Heavyweights Emergency die cast

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  • Hot wheels Heavyweights Emergency die cast

    These are my Hot wheels heavyweight Emergency die cast. They are probably my most prized Emergency die cast because they are some of the original Emergency Hot wheels die cast. There are many more color variations for the Heavyweight ambulance😁 There is another variation for the white 442 olds police car, it has a blue dome light, and still another variation with the side door graphics. The 442 olds chief and police cars are definitely one of my favorite👍 When I was younger I can remember getting the Hotw wheels military pack with the 442 olds staff car in the early mid 70s. That was from the old JC Penny Christmas catalog. My Holy Grail is the 442 olds Hot wheels Staff car. Oh boy would I love to find that one some day👍👍👍 But like any kid, I played and played with those cars and scratched, scuffed, and broke them🙁 So I’ve been on the hunt to try and replace them in my collection. These are tough because hot wheels in general are the most expensive die cast around. So I try and do the best I can😊
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    Even though I like realistic pieces, that heavy weight fire truck always held some special appeal to me. It may have been because my friend had it and I didn't.


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      I think I liked the Hot Wheels heavy weights fire truck as it was one of the few, if only, hook n' ladder type fire trucks available in small scale diecast in those days.