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  • A Zetros for Every Purpose

    I have to hand it to Majorette - they are making good use of this castings in ways I wouldn't have thought of. The fire and dump trucks are seemingly more obvious choices, but the off-road and log versions are definitely from left field. It does hold well to the Zetros mantra of being the 'ultra-capable' off-road truck for any purpose.

    And with these four versions the Zetros has shown up in basically all of the Majorette lines - Construction, Explorer, SOS Vehicles and Farm.

    My favourite would be the log truck based on its play features, and while the others feel quite light the log truck definitely has some heft to it. Superfast175 has some more close-ups in the Back 40 bay for those who are interested.

    Enjoy the photos:

    SOS Vehicles: Zetros Fire Truck

    Construction: Zetros Dump Truck (featuring a diecast bed)

    Explorer: Zetros (Cargo?) Truck:

    Farm: Zetros Log Truck

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    All Great looking Trucks. A shame the logs are so plastic looking (Could even pass for Candles.!) I have one of Majorette's old Log carrying semi's & the logs are real wood. Those were the days.


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      Great photos!
      The lumber truck is my favourite release so far.

      I think the Explorer Cargo truck should resemble a Rally Dakar truck (and/or a rally support vehicle) - just like MBX' Desert Thunder casting.
      - Patrick

      ModellbauMaster on …


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        Here are a couple more:
        Click image for larger version

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        It was pointed out upon first viewing that THW doesn't "do" firefighting. But regardless, I think it looks delicious in blue.

        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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          The Explorer truck is a rally truck. Too bad majorette did not make a Ford Explorer but they did make a lot of european models that i want since i saw them alot in morroco. I wanna recreate the feeling of morocco with cars that i saw alot mostly renaults and pegeouts


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            Excellent write-up and pictures as always, Terrence! My personal favorites here are the fire truck and logging truck versions. 😎👍👍