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  • Motor Car (2002)

    In the Majorette catalog for 2002 I found this Motor Cars series. Sorry for the bad picture quality. The pic is from the internet.

    To me, the models all look more like Welly castings. In the 2003 catalog these have disappeared and "real" Majorette models are shown. The most striking difference is certainly in the Audi TT or the new Mini Coopers.

    Does anyone have any information about these "fake" Majorettes? Were they really sold like that? What is written on the base plates?

    I would be grateful for any information!

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    Can't answer you questions David, because I know nothing about the newer series, although Majorette did have a similar friction series before these, they were made in France, and called simply Majorette "Motor" as far as I can tell. Not sure of when, if I were to guess I'd say 1980's, but could be wrong.

    Of what I'd seen the older ones are different castings than the regular series cars, but still marked as Majorette, but those in your catalog hardly look like friction, or pullback cars, at least not like this early series with the bigger wheels in the back, and appear to be a little wider body than basic models, though things might have advanced since then where they can fit motors in regular castings..

    Here is the only one I have of their old friction cars, a Range Rover, it is really all I have to base my thoughts on, and some ebay searches of "Majorette friction", but doesn't help with your quest.

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