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249 / 284 Moto-Neige (Snowmobile)

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  • 249 / 284 Moto-Neige (Snowmobile)

    I recently bought an old Majorette 5-pack named "Week-End". On closer inspection, I find the "boring" snowmobile to be particularly striking. And here's why:

    Click image for larger version

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    First of all, the color variant: Olympic rings on the sides, "Olympic Racing" on the hood and a slightly hinted French flag below the windshield. For a snowmobile actually quite handsome. Even if there is no Olympic discipline in snowmobile racing.

    Click image for larger version

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    Now I thought at first that Majorette was a free-rider and issued the model parallel to and to benefit from Olympics games. Why not, that would make sense.

    But I was wrong. This snowmobile did not appear until 1995 and the next winter Olympic games were still three years away. But maybe the 1994 games inspired the designer to this livery. By the way, those were the games in Lillehammer / Norway. And they also inspired Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano a.k.a. Giovani "Johnny" Henriksen.

    Secondly, in addition to the livery, the base of the snowmobile is also rather interesting. This model was one of those few that Majorette briefly revived in the 1990s. The original "Moto-Neige" was released between 1971 and 1976 and used to have trailer hook that is now missing. The reference number of the old model was #249. The new model is shown in the catalogs between 1993 and 1999 as #284. However, if you turn it upside-down, the only number cast on its base is #259.

    Majorette sure is always good for little surprises.

    Click image for larger version

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    This updated snowmobile is a neat model from Majorette - especially with the Olympic logos. I had one of the original versions in my collection for many years - thought it neat that Majorette had offered a snow mobile in their lineup - a neat model for those of us who lived in areas where snowmobiles were popular. Thanks for pointing out all the small details on this version.


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      Nice old snowmobile, I'm almost sure I have this one in my collection, also have the early original with with sled. It would have nice to see them do a sled with this later version too, and issued it as a 300 series two pack. The snowmobile is kind of a unique thing in small diecast, glad Majorette did them,

      The themed 5 pack is pretty nice, not sure I ever found that set.



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        Neat model!

        Interesting details that there are three references
        Maybe Mininches can get us more background about this model from Marc?


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          These are some of my favorite Majorette models....things most or many brands don't do. I think Siku has done snowmobiles (called "snow machines" in Alaska). I don't think I ever found the Majo ones. The mini or child-carrier trailer is really cool. Of course, don't forget MATCHBOX...but I digress...