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new strange problem.

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  • new strange problem.

    this has been going on for quite some time.but since it comes and goes i have been living with it.but now it is just annoying.
    this only happens on this site.
    i am in a forum and i post a picture(s).then all of sudden this site opens in a new window and it is no longer on the top of the page with all the other sites i am logged into.

    it is getting very annoying as i just was 1/2 though posting 12 or so pictures and now i have to start over.

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    That's bizarre. I've had similar happen, but not this site specifically. I mean it is always open on my browser, but usually it's the search engine that takes me off on a tangent, opening new windows and such.
    The image file limits have been reset. Upper limits now are 100,000 when we have some images that exceed 5,000,000. I've set the pixels for no more than 1000 across the longest side, so if you resize to that all should be well. (The limits are larger than what I typically use, and my images turn out just fine, so I know it shouldn't be a problem)

    Thank you for your understanding.


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      Wes,thanks for the info...i guess i will have to live with it.


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        it just happened twice while trying to do a post with pictures.


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          Wish I could help or offer some advice Dan, but this one has me stumped.
          I collect what I like, and I like what I collect.

          Michael the "Toyotageek"
          Japanese Minicar Garage


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            Originally posted by toyotageek View Post
            Wish I could help or offer some advice Dan, but this one has me stumped.
            thanks,Mike...i think it some sort of glitch that just comes and goes.


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              Does it only happen when it's a post with pictures in it?

              Does happen when you hit the "post reply" button? Or does it happen all by itself while you are writing a post?
              I collect what I like, and I like what I collect.

              Michael the "Toyotageek"
              Japanese Minicar Garage


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                yes,it only happens when i am posting pictures.
                it happens when i add pictures to a post then i line down to add more pictures.then poof i am in a new window.and all the other windows i had are gone.


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                  I'm perplexed.

                  I've had odd things happen, but usually my fault for pressing CTRL instead of SHIFT button with another key, but this issue is something new to me... hope someone more tech savvy can chime in with a cause and solution
                  I collect what I like, and I like what I collect.

                  Michael the "Toyotageek"
                  Japanese Minicar Garage


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                    i was just posting in the hot wheels section and it happened again as i was posting pictures.
                    i keep watching my fingers to make sure i am using the right keys but it happens anyway.


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                      i guess i am done posting pictures...again after posting 2 pictures i got knocked to a new window.
                      so these last two times it happened within minutes of each other.


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                        it just took me over 1/2 hour to post 8 pictures in a new post.
                        now it is to the point when i click on the mouse to place the pic.the pic is placed but the site opens a new tab. completely separated from my other tabs.


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                          Can you tell me, step by step, how you post images.

                          screen shots would be good.

                          I’m wondering if it’s actually a setting on your browser that makes images open in a new window, or perhaps something to do with the VB gallery/album, which I don’t have any experience with.


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                            What browser you are using?


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                              my browser is chrome.

                              note:before posting this i went to three different sites and posted pictures with no problems.
                              also in the past once this problem had happened here. i went to other sites and it did not happen at any of them.

                              Skwerl i am inept at posting screen shots...

                              note:i keep DG as a pinned tab with the other pinned sites i regularly go to.

                              step by step here is what is happening.

                              in photobucket i pick a picture.i left click on its link.

                              return to DG and go the spot where i want to place the link.

                              left click on the spot.

                              from the drop down menu i right click on one of two things happens.

                              1.the link is posted and i can either add more pictures or text then hit the post reply button.and then all is good.

                              2.the link is posted then the DG tab is unpinned and opened in another tab.
                              i can still use the post reply button to have it show up at DG.

                              once this happens i now have 2 sets of is the pinned set and the other is the DG unpinned.

                              i have to make one of 2 choices:

                              1.delete the DG the pinned group then reopen DG and pin it in with this group.

                              sometimes if i want to complete the post i started. i might have to do this 2 or more times.depending on the number of pictures i am trying to post and how badly the system is acting up.

                              2.i can go back and forth between the pinned group and the DG.but this involves a lot of clicking that gets very aggravating.

                              thanks to all of you for trying to figure out what is going on.