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  • Filling up again

    My M2 collection is growing once again. The lower two homemade Shadowbox Wall Shelves are all M2 cars and trucks. I got really disgusted with the M2 quality about 5-6 years ago and quit buying M2s all together, as well as selling off over half of my collection. I bought an M2 about a year ago I was really impressed with and then another that was really good, and another and another. I believe the quality control has improved a great deal. Now My M2 shelves are filling up once again!!!

    M2 cars and trucks

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    You have a very big M2 collection, even if it isn’t as big as it used to be! I’ve only bought one M2 so far, but I was pretty happy with it and it didn’t have any serious issues. Like AW, I’d like to get more but it’s hard to find good ones around here.
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      That's a lot of M2s. Sean appreciates you for sure.