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Another gathering at Mel's * A Bolt Fest

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  • Another gathering at Mel's * A Bolt Fest

    Since my newest edition to the Bolt collection and the majority of these Bolts are Johnnys, I will post them here. Various brands but all from the same mold passed on and on and on. A gorgeous casting for sure!!!

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    Sort of disappointed at the lack of detail under the hood though. Still a "DYN~O~MITE" ride!!!


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      The white Ertl is the first one I found and collected. The next one was the all black one, The third was the K-Mart exclusive Route 66 black one with the red interior.
      I really think this casting is my favorite of all, although I like many of my cars a great deal, these Bolts seem to hold the most appeal!!!

      I definitely doLOVE these Bolts!!!

      LOVE the Bolts!!!


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        With all those Bolts there, the whole parking lot will turn to liquid by the time night falls.
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        A hybrid between a man, an upright beagle masquerading as a vulture, and a subcompact car prone to spontaneous combustion.


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          Good subject for a Mel's gathering!