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    I was really hot on tracking down the 1/24th scale Johnnys back in the day. These were very hard to find as I remember.. I also remember a hobby shop selling them for $12.88 each, and a local off the wall retail store (no longer in business) like Walmart selling them for $10.67 each. These cars were of very, very good quality being all diecast bodies and chassis. Detail was extremely good as well. I compare the ones I did collect to today's M2 and GL 1/24ths and have come to a conclusion. Although some of today's 1/24th diecast cars and a slightly more detailed, the quality of the cars themselves don't rate. The plastic chassis can not support the weight of the diecast bodies unless they are straight, thick axles front and rear, therefor, every M2, GL, and Shelby Collectibles brand I have collected have all developed a terrible case of the "SAGGIES" with the wheels. They seem to stick out farther at the bottoms of the tires and wheels than they do at the top. And these newer cars are selling for an average of $25.00 each!!!

    Bring back the Johnnys with the diecast chassis!!!

    M2 "SAGGIES"

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    More of the 1/24th Johnnys...


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      Wheels begin to sag on the larger scales too like some of my Ertl 1/18 scale cars.

      I do love the examples of JL 1/24 scales you have shown.

      My personal favorite casting by Johnny Lightning 1/24 scale the Firebird.
      Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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      The last one was sold as an Ertl in Tractor Supply stores but it's still a Johnny Lightning tooling. Unfortunately, I have one non white lightning version of this casting but I don't have a picture of it in my phone. I wish I had the regular versions of the ones pictured but it's easier to get the white lightning version than the regular one. That shows how collectible these cars are by Johnny Lightning.


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        Cool stuff.

        I have 2 of the 1/18th T-Buckets JL did and Herbie the Love Bug. I think I also have a 1/24th scale panel van with the JL logo on it.
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          I jumped on the big bandwagon back then too- since ive come to my senses and limit myself to 1:64 and an occasional 1:43. one of these days I'm going to do something constructive with mine, even though it will take more room that I don't have.
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            WOW... Never knew Johnny did a 1/24th Firebird. This one it just pure awesome!!!