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Toys r us generic emergency vehicles

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  • Toys r us generic emergency vehicles

    Sometime in the early 2000s I purchased these pretty nice looking generic Emergency vehicles from toys r us. They were relatively inexpensive and I was lucky enough to find different variations of the ladder and rescue trucks. Note on the hood of the chief car it says “Moose Mountain Fire Department”😁
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    I'm wondering--what scale are these? Since I was probably 7, I've had police car (Moose Mountain PD), a squad, and a helicopter. But, all were the size of a Micro Machine; to me these look a bit bigger. And mine had different wheels. Silver/black treaded, or black smooth.

    For generics, they're realistic and pretty good looking. The squad was always my favorite.


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      I really like the looks of the fire engine! Again a number of models I have not seen before. Closet TRU to me was five hours away and didn't get there all that often. Thanks for sharing these with us.


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        I really miss not having toys r us. There were lots of them around here where I live. I can remember in the mid to late seventies, early eighties, and even through the 90s going there and seeing all of the Matchbox and Hotwheels👍👍👍 They had an awesome selection and you always knew where their die cast cars were in a certain section of the store. Through the years they also put out Generic brand die cast with all kinds of play sets😊 I would always enjoy going before Christmas because they would always get a huge shipment in for the Holidays👍👍👍 That’s how it was in Wallmart and Target also back in the beginning. Now it’s not like that anymore and it’s like pulling teeth to try and find the new die cast out there🙁 And the die cast sections sometimes have a very small selection of cars. However I guess it makes it more exciting to Hunt and look for the Emergency die cast. We even had many hobby stores here where I live and now there are only a handful left. And they don’t usually carry many die cast cars anymore. I think your best bet is to frequent train shows, flea markets, garage sales, and still go to the major department stores👍 I always use eBay and google as a reference to try and see the different Emergency die cast and variations out there. I do use eBay quite often but only if it’s a good and fair price. It’s the shipping that can get a little crazy sometimes😜