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  • Problems viewing my thread

    Good afternoon everyone.

    I got a message from ivantt recently saying he is no longer able to view my thread (Dioramas - New Garage), and would I consider starting a new one?

    Would starting a new thread help? Are there now so many photos in my thread that folks are having problems looking at it - it's been running for almost a year.

    Or do you think it may be a problem on ivantt's end?

    Thanks for your time.

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    For what it's worth, "Quog", I see the contents of your posts fine.


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      I believe he has to go to his profile and from there choose User Settings -> Account and change the Posts per page setting to something else than forum default.
      Forum default loads all the posts in one page and it will cause problems if the topic is long.

      I might be wrong but that what it seems like.


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        Thanks for the comments and suggestions guys. I will let ivantt know.