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Plastic fire engines

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  • Plastic fire engines

    Can anyone help in identifying these plastic fire engines? I picked them up a few years ago at a train and toy show. I don’t know if they were sold separately, a kit, or a set?

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    The first one came in a small firehouse playset, IIRC. Yours still has the oversized(?) deck gun (I removed--and lost--the one from my surviving copy...sad to be missing it today but happy to see a photo of yours with it intact....oh, the memories. Did you notice it says "LAFD" on the cab doors? And "Made in Hong Kong" is the only thing on the base.

    I can barely remember what the rest of the set looked like....but I only bought it (new) for the fire engine. Then I painted mine and threw out the deluge (as I said). There was at least one other vehicle with it...but I can't pull it out of my memory now. I think I still have it somewhere but not with my displayed plastics. No idea now who made it....if only we had phone cameras back then, I surely would have pics of it in the original packaging!

    Love, absolutely, those open-cab pumper/hose wagons you have! Really cool, and I suspect not abundant. I have no idea who made them. Sorry.


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      Blair, thank you for letting me know about the first one👍