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  • ZURU Police Truck

    ZURU - Made in China

    Serie * METAL MACHINES *

    A new manufacturer with the name * ZURU * stands on this model on the bottom plate and on the blister card.
    There is a mention of the webside of this company:
    However, "running" in my attempt to open the webside, for minutes only an "egg timer".
    Needless to say, the models are * Mi China *. The scale is about 1/64.
    The models of the company ZURU are currently being sold in Germany in the series marked * METAL MACHINES * on the front of the card.
    There were so about 10 different civilian car models, an ambulance, a fire department and this police vehicle.
    Unfortunately, I do not recognize what that is or is for a vehicle model (?).
    And in the production material, I'm still puzzling, it seems - as the series suggests - to be metal, but the truck is already very light and hardly magnetic (?). Everything is very fine and not a little rough.
    Whether we will continue to encounter these models in the future, we must wait and see.
    On the map is still the front of me unknown word * EPIC * on it, according to the web probably indicates a me also unknown computer game (?).

    *Metal Machines* and *ZURU* on the base

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    Some of those showed up here at Target stores a couple of months ago. Sorry I don't have info on the 1:1 inspiration for the SWAT truck....but I recall a pic of something similar posted some time ago.


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      yeah, this seemed to be the in store Target brand for a while. If I recall Brian49 showed some pictures of a real unit that looked similar to this toy version back on Swifty's.


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        Yes, they appear inspired by the BearCat Swat Trucks.

        Here is the Zuru in EMS rescue markings.


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          I picked up the SWAT one last summer when they first appeared at my local dollar store. I really like this model.
          Only the base is metal while the body is made of molded hard plastic. The other fantasy vehicles are very fast when raced on Hot Wheels tracks.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG-20190425-143148.jpg Views:	1 Size:	18.0 KB ID:	27156
          Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG-20190425-143244.jpg Views:	1 Size:	17.7 KB ID:	27157

          I also picked up the Emergency one but don't have any pics of it.