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one and one old problem.

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  • one and one old problem.

    old problem....the back arrow still does not i posted back in Nov. When i use the back arrow the page goes to the top and then back down to the bottom of the page i am does not go back a page as it should..
    if i right click on the back arrow it shows the page i am on.the line below is the page it should be showing.

    new problem:

    in the msg center i can delete received msgs.but when i try to delete sent msgs. it tells that they were deleted but they are still
    i tried to delete them both ways...i checked the box in the left side margin then used the delete tells me they are gone but they're still there.
    then i opened them one at a time and deleted them.the same story as above.

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    I am having the same problems with thinking I have deleted messages and they are still there.


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      this problem is still there on the sent items.


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        Pegers, are you also emptying the trash bin after you delete the sent item?
        Does logging out then back in make any difference?

        I’m sorry if it seems we are ignoring you, we just don’t know the answer.


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          Skwerl.i just put it back up there so in case some else gets the same problems they wont feel alone.

          i tired to empty my deleted msgs.when i try to delete msgs it actually page goes to my in box...

          i figure sooner or later it will be all sorted out.

          thanks for the reply.


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            I found that if the sent message is part of a dialogue, it won’t delete entirely unless I also delete the incoming message and then permanently delete from the trash can


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              From the Guru’s

              Originally posted by Wayne Luke
              Private messages aren't actually deleted until everyone involved with the message deletes it. Plus the idea of "Sent" is really a misnomer. I've been trying to have that folder deleted from the system for years now because it is confusing. Doing so requires redoing the entire system though. Private Messages are actually conversations. If anyone reply's it will show up.


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                Skwerl, thanks for the info...

                do the gurus have any idea why the back button does not work?


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                  Pegers, can you tell me what device and/or browser you are using?
                  eg, ipad, or laptop with google chrome, or firefox


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                    an asus desk top computer using google chrome.


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                      Thanks. I’ll try chrome on one of mine and see if I can replicate the problem.


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                        Originally posted by Skwerl View Post
                        From the Guru’s

                        Thank you Skwel


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                          thanks for the interest.let me add some info on the back button.

                          when i finish a post and want to move on. i hit the back arrow.all it does is run up the page and then back down the page to the bottom and stop.

                          so now what i have learned to do is: right click on the back button.

                          the top line of the dropdown is the post that i am trying to get out of.

                          so what i have learned to do is:
                          i right click on the back arrow and go down to the 2nd line and click on that line and it takes me to where i need to be to get into the next post.

                          i have tested all the web sites i go to,this is the only one that has this problem.


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                            Do you mean when you have finished making a post, or reading a post?


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                              the only time the back arrow works correctly is when i go to the message center and click on a notice to read it.this is the only time the back arrow works.