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  • Technopark

    A "Chinese" Ambulance , marked with * TECHNOPARK * (but Cyrillic) from a Emergency Set for China. Another model is Technopark, the others are HTi models.
    Other members had the information, that Technopark models are to be manufactured exclusively for Russia, but this restriction should not apply to the Chinese market.
    There "such" then also such cars are sold in mixed packs. Since I got this set from China (Shanghai), that might be true.
    On the Bpl. instead of Gazelle only GAZE stands.

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    I am wondering if these are Technopark. I understand Technopark to be a part of Welly, these do not appear to be Welly models and the writing on the package is not Cyrillic. The writing on the package appears to me to be Chinese, though I may be mistaken. (corrected below)
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    Thank you for your understanding.


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      In the below * Emergency Set * with emergency vehicles from China was also this * Lada Priora *. The set was sold under the label * eti *, whether that is also a manufacturer, I do not know exactly, but that is from China. The writing on the box is actually Chinese.
      The Lada has the marking * TECHNOPARK * (in Cyrillic script) on the bottom plate and the name * Lada Priora *.
      Unfortunately, I can not show this inscription because I would have to tear open the pack and I do not want that.
      But I can see the brand clearly mitels lamp (!), But get no photo out.
      However, the image below shows a base of a similar model of TECHNOPARK and it is also written in Cyrillic on the base of this Priora from the * eti * pack.
      Also on this Gazelle Ambulance is the brand TECHNOPARK.
      The other models are obviously NOT from Technopark, they all do not have a label, I think they are HTi models (?).
      Now the question remains, how do these two models WITH Technopark-brand come into this pack.
      On another board someone could give the probably decisive hint.
      TECHNOPARK has made an exclusive contract with the Chinese plants where the Technopark models are made for these models for foreign countries, but does not rule out that these cars marked with TECHNOPARK may be sold in China.
      Thus, then a Chinese dealer - just * eti * - put these models in an emergency pack for CHINA and the models are in the colors of Chinese emergency vehicles.
      I also bought this set in China.

      this Lada Priora is with this brand TECHNOPARK, also the Gazelle Ambulance


      The WELLY Lada Priora is NOT the same casting :

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        Firstly there is NO connection between Technopark and Welly, you might be mistaking them with the Russian Autotime brand who do use Welly castings. The above set contains a mixture of Technopark and castings associated with HTI simply because they come from the same unknown Chinese factory. It's easy to call these MAN TGA based Fire Engines HTI products but in reality they were never exclusive to this British toy company and an be found Worldwide under many different brands. For what I can gather, and it's only a guess, is that although technically the Technopark castings are unique to them hence why their name is stamped on the baseplate, that exclusivity doesn't apply to the Chinese market hence the ETI name being used on the packaging.


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          There are Technopark's Lada Priora Police also for Russia, box and base plate marked with * Technopark * in Cyrillic script.
          "Funny" is that for the same castings in China the scale 1/60 and in Russia the scale 1/72 are given.
          The model should be really clear in 3-inch scale, so about 1/64.


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            I don't know about you guys but that logo on the base of the Lada looks scarily close to the MotorMax logo.
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              Technopark - GAZ TIGR - OMON - 3-inch, Mi China.

              A GAZ TIGR for the special police unit OMON in Russia.
              The police name * OMON * stands for a special unit in Russia that (actually) was set up to combat terrorism and operations in the field of serious crime.
              It is therefore comparable to the SEK in Germany, especially since it is now also assigned to individual regions.
              However, some commentators take a critical view of the deployments in demonstrations and being too close to major crime figures.
              Of course, I cannot judge whether this is really the case (!?!) And I would therefore like to be careful when making such an assessment.
              The casting shows like mostly related ties to HTi / teamsterz, Dickie pp..


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                Technopark - Lada Kalina - Police Russia - 3-inch, Mi China.

                New is this Lada Kalina for the Police in Russia under the brand Technopark.
                This car is probably "related" to HTi / Teamsterz and / or Dickie models.

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                  Technopark - Nissan Qashqai Police Russia

                  (Under the * Technopark * brand drive this * Nissan Qashqai * for the Police in Russia.
                  I I didn't even know this model yet, it seems to be an SUV (?).)



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                    Mercedes Benz G-Class Click image for larger version

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Name:	img_6665.jpg
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                      Hyundai Creta

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	img_6666.jpg
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                        Renault Duster

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Kia Sportage

                          Click image for larger version

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                            GAZ Tigr ( Tiger)

                            Click image for larger version

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                              Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

                              Click image for larger version

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