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Marx 1/64 pumper

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  • Marx 1/64 pumper

    This is my Marx 1/64 scale fire pumper. It’s just slightly bigger than a matchbox car but you really can’t tell the difference. The body is made of metal and the base is plastic. The hose and ladder on each side are also plastic. The body pops up from the base and you insert a battery then snap it back shut. The lights go on in the dark and it looks realistic👍 This die cast is definitely one of my favorite because it is so realistic and it’s made very well. I think it came out in the sixties but not 100% sure about that. I was very fortunate to find it at a flea market in very good condition for a great price. I have never seen this piece for sale, especially in good condition. I also added a group picture with all of my Pegaso, Magirus Deutz, and Marx fire equipment😁
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    You see a lot of Marx stuff (tinplate, plastic, trains, action figures, etc.), but rarely diecast. I've heard of the fire truck before, but never saw one. No paint chips, it still works, definitely a great find! The detail is really good as well. It amazes me. In the 1960s, with largely manual operations, many makers, particularly Lesney, did a better job than current diecast makers with all kinds of computerized tools.

    Marx I'm a big fan of since they were headquartered in West Virginia. I feel they were, with a lot of their lines, ahead of the time.


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      Homerun of a score there. Never seen that before.


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        This is a wonderful model to have - the Marx diecast pieces seemed to be fairly hard to come by and one I was not aware of until you posted it at Swifty's with the other models.


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          I love the headlight feature on this, pretty cool that they were able to fit such a neat feature into such a small model!