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  • A suggestion and a question

    I was wondering about possible changes being done in the garage forums. The less popular categories such as the Postal vehicles or the Military being changed to a title that would be much more popular such as Racing Champions. Not many companies have Postal vehicles and the ones that do can be posted in the makers categories. Racing Champions have been around since the 80s as far as I knew of them, and are much more popular today as much more available.
    Just a suggestion here and wondering what everyone else would think of it and would it be possible?

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    I am OK with it
    Mr. Bowtie
    Past President of the Diecast Liberation Movement & maybe possibly a member of the "Black With Flames" Classification Committee (if such an entity exists and has a classification committee) Which I deny ever being part of.


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      That is a good idea.
      Outlandish fantasy cars give me the creeps.


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        Yeah, I thought since RCs were rapidly becoming more popular it may be a good idea. This is one of two actual diecast sites that I know of that still exist. I know this one is fairly new, but basically the sister site for Swifty's. I had joined Swifty's October 31st 2007, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and learned an extreme amount about my beloved passion of diecast. I also enjoyed and so glad to meet and get to know some great people and fellow collectors. At one time I knew of and was a member of 12 actual diecast discussion sites and now they are all gone. I recently found another that I joined up with and seems to be a good site and good people also. It's called the Diecast Zone ( ), but doesn't seem to be of extremely knowledgeable collectors, but all good people. Most of these guys were extremely impressed with what I have posted so far as far as my garage dioramas and customs. They all definitely have some really nice collections though. If needed I will be willing to make contributions to make sure this site stays where it is.
        RC has stepped up the pace quite a bit in my book and brought back some of the old stuff with more detail and much better quality. I think they deserve their own bay here...LOL
        Here's a few of their beauties past and present!!!



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            I'm pretty sure an extra channel can be added - no need to remove/rename an existing one. But that's like the technical side of things.
            (Then again, the number of channels in the garage should not increase too much)

            Not sure what I was trying to state here ...

            Oh wait, I like your suggestion. Yes please. Let's do it. Nice.
            (I just checked, RC makes up 1% of my 'collection')


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              Military and Postal are my personal additions because they are sub collections of mine and I just haven't gotten myself around to taking those pics. Otherwise the boards are a copy of Swifty's, and I did that on purpose. Technically you are correct, military and postal could be just put wherever they belong. RC goes on the "Other" board, not a big deal, but if we start an RC board, what about Maisto? There's a lot more Maisto out there than RC. How about Ertl? There's more Ertl than all of RC, Maisto and probably Matchbox *combined*! Then we start getting requests for all kinds of makers - where does it end?

              Have you taken a look at the database? We had to hide the main board of the database because it is almost as large as the main board for the rest of the site, and if I were to put ALL of the makers in the database on that board, it would be 3 times the size it is now, that's why the catch all "Obscure Makers" board. It is a slippery slope that quickly becomes confusing and hard to navigate, and that is why it is the way it is. We had this discussion among the mods way back at Swifty's, so it is not a new subject. It was tried, and quickly got out of hand. I could name another Hobby site right now that did precisely what I described, and it got to a point I didn't like to go there as much because I couldn't find where I was trying to go.

              Please trust me on this. More is not always better.
              The image file limits have been reset. Upper limits now are 100,000 when we have some images that exceed 5,000,000. I've set the pixels for no more than 1000 across the longest side, so if you resize to that all should be well. (The limits are larger than what I typically use, and my images turn out just fine, so I know it shouldn't be a problem)

              Thank you for your understanding.