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  • Well Stocked Shelves

    Ran across some well stocked shelves today at a Meijer store... JLs, AWs,GLs, M2s, MBs, and more!!!

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    Steve, if I had found a store with even half the diecast you have shown; I would have been totally broke and happy with that big bag of purchases when I walked out the door.
    Thanks for the pictures.
    No Auto World or Johnny Lightning in Canada at any store as far as I know.
    Trying to find Greenlight at Walmart is a joke at the best of times (at least in my area).
    Toys 'R' Us Canada has got some Greenlight diecast in recent times but not a lot of variety (seems like several cases repeatedly of same series and releases).
    Or they will get one box of a series that will not be repeated.
    Seems like you can't win either way, but I am still happy that Toys 'R' Us is still getting Greenlight diecast.

    Cheers. Cobra