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    My database entry sparked some discussion. I think it's better to move it here.
    Click image for larger version

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    I got this car just before I joined Swifty's. I think it came in a huge bag of various cars from different makers.

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    When I collected in the 1970's and 1980s as a little kid, part of the fun of diecast shopping was generally, there were no catalogs, except Matchbox and Corgi if you were lucky to find one. So it was a pleasant surprise stumbling on to one of the latest cars at the stores. I remember getting a red Yatming Chevette in the store around 1980. Off hand, it was probably K-Mart where I got it, because they had the best diecast selection of the discount department stores. As someone who has always preferred bone-stock "everyday" cars, this was and is a favorite. And it is such a faithful representation of the-then ubiquitous Chevette. I've never seen a green Yatming version, but very appropropriate! Chevettes often had a great assortment of "70s" safety colors. (orange, red, yellow, bright green). Oh, such pleasant memories.


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      I drove a 1979 Chevette during my senior year of High School.
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        Originally posted by Daniel View Post
        I drove a 1979 Chevette during my senior year of High School.
        My sister had a Chevette in the early '80s, which I drove a couple of times. It seemed... small, which I expected. At that time the smallest car I had any experience with was a Chevy Nova, so I had nothing to compare the Chevette to. It was, however, very orange, a factor in its favor.
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          I remember being at a party in high school when several guys went out and literally picked up a Chevette and moved into a position that could not be driven away. This Yatming model has a lot of charm and like almost all Yatmings of the era fall into the "less is more" slogan. Less tampo = more enjoyable to look at. I have red and blue models, but really like the green one shown.


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            Awesome green version.

            Click image for larger version

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              Early ones have plastic taillights:


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                Excellent find! I'm a fan of every day diecast cars like the Chevette so I'd love to find one!