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  • Here's the deal

    Here is all the 70 Chevelle castings I have in my collection.

    The primer gray was the first I came across quite a few years back, then the blue one and then the red one. All with no issues whatsoever!!!
    The black one recently purchased, I was able to fix the broken wheel with some melted plastic, re~drill the hub, and a drop of super glue for safe measures.

    I still can't get the hood open without breaking something or drilling it apart to fix. But, all~in~all, Greenlight is definitely going to hear about this. The last 3 GLs I have purchased all had similar issues, but again, I had to fix. At $6.99 plus tax Greenlight is the highest priced diecast on the shelves where I shop and I do expect better quality. I haven't been able to do any diecast hunting or buying for the past several months due to cancer appointments, exams, and CT scan co~pays, and the squeeze it put on our finances. I recently collected a few extra bucks and bought a few that happen to be GLs. If this is what we now get for our hard earned dollars, I QUIT!!!
    I quit buying M2s a long time ago because of the junk and trash they were putting out on the pegs and shelves, and even selling off the ones I did buy. Is this the case with Greenlight now?
    I sure don't mean to be picky in anyway, but this is pure "BULL CRAP"!!!
    The least they could do is give you a free tube of super glue with every purchase!!!

    These Chevelles were perfect from the packs back in the good ole' days.

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    The last three GLs purchased that I opened up were the black Chevelle,(above) and these two Challengers...
    Greenlight did send me a new set of replacement wheels for the white Challenger, but still the hassle involved adds to the disappointment!!!

    The other GLs purchased were from the Hollywood series that I keep packaged for my wall of fame. (TV & movie cars). Kind of afraid to open them anyway...

    Just Hollywood series GLs...


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      Makes me afraid to open any of my GL's......... Most are still in the pack but once I move into a house and have toy room I do want to open a few up.
      Scotty "Mustang (+Matchbox) Mad Man!"

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        Do you have the Hot Wheels red version?


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          I bought that Blue Chevelle back in 2017 and my hood might be slightly ajar also. Still it's a nice model.
          1970 Chevelle SS454: Greenlight by Dick Copello, on Flickr


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            Originally posted by MatchboxFan55 View Post
            Do you have the Hot Wheels red version?
            No, I don't have that one, but have several other colors. I did see that red version at a Dollar General, but the wife only gave me enough money to cover laundry soap. I may go back today and get a couple...


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              I might be among the lucky minority, but paint issues aside my GLs never had any major issues that completely tanked my enjoyment of my collection.
              Though you surely are scaring me out of buying more, those cost 12 bucks a pop here, since I have to import them from the states.