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70 Chevelle SS 454 ~ Newbie

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  • 70 Chevelle SS 454 ~ Newbie

    Just picked this GL Chevelle up and I do "LOVE" it in black with white stripes. My uncle had one just like this one in the day, but with a 350 in it. He eventually sold it and bought a red 70 Chevelle SS 454 with black stripes. The red one was absolutely as gorgeous and in as fine condition as they come. He traded it off for a brand new Corvette loaded with every option a few years back. I never realized my uncle was so "STUPID". That Vette depreciates every year and will never be worth the value of the Chevelle. The value of that Chevelle is over $120,000.00 now and was featured in several car magazines over the years my uncle owned it. It remains in the Jack Maxton Chevrolet collection today. He is the largest Chevrolet dealer in Ohio I have heard. He also has a 1969 Z/28 Convertible in his collection. 1 of only 3 made in 1969 for the top 3 CEOs of Chevrolet. Somehow good ole' Jack acquired one of them. Jack sure puts on one heck of an outstanding classic muscle car show every year!!!

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    Great pictures Steve. Just for the %hit and giggles what is the width of the tires on this casting? BTW Chevelles are some of the best Chevys out there.
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