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Nissan 300ZX. part 1.

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  • Nissan 300ZX. part 1.

    i will list the ones i have and post a few that i am missing..

    1st issue is from Hong Kong the last is from China.all the ones in-between are from Malaysia.

    1987 speed fleet.

    this one has the same yellow paint but it has uh rims..not sure when or what series it was issued in.

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    1989 speed fleet.

    a play set issue.

    1989 park 'n plates...this has a white painted base.

    reported but i have not seen one..park n plated with a bare metal base.

    1990 Getty promo.
    red in tampos w/white painted base.

    dark red interior,dark red in tampos and bare metal base.

    1990 main line C54..this is the same as the '89 park n plate but with uh rims.

    needed...C54 w/hog......

    i am also showing this error is a different casting of the 300zx that wound up in the c54 is actually part of the c98 issue custom z.

    C506 1997 main line.also the last issue of this casting.

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      This is a fine looking casting. I could do without all the tampos and stripes though...


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        I have a Park 'N' Plates issue with red interior:


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          Thanks Dan - I always enjoy these casting reviews that you do and the variations that are a part of them.


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            I enjoy seeing all these examples. You are well organized Dan! Do you give classes?
            Michael "Toyotageek"
            Japanese Minicar Garage


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              I like all of these different casting reviews you do Dan congrats. 👍I'm still on the hunt for a lot of those. 👍


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                Mark,thanks. it is good to see a pic of that park n plates i just have to find one.

                Mike,one of my first jobs was at a keeping things organize was a must.the only drawback is that my lists are all hand written.


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                  This is a nice casting, and variations, think I only ever had was the purple, being the only one I was able to find on the pegs as a fairly new collector at the time of its release.