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M2 Mopar Wheels ~ Swapped

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  • M2 Mopar Wheels ~ Swapped

    A friend and fellow collector from my Diecast Fun FB group who has impressed me several times with his wheel swaps and customs, found the perfect wheels for this AW Vanishing Point Challenger. Ever since AW hit the pegs, I always thought their wheels looked too small on many of the models, especially the Mopar cars. When Tony posted his pics of his wheel swapped Challenger, it looked in almost perfect proportion to me, much better than the stock AW wheels. I just had to share this with you guys for your opinions. I ask him what wheels he used and his reply is posted below:
    Tony Mabe
    M2 wheels & tires, the wheels were chrome had to detail paint them, tamiya aluminum & metallic grey used chrome pen on lugs and center caps

    Tony Mabe's wheel swapped Auto World Challenger:

    The real deal:

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