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The most "WICKED" Dart

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  • The most "WICKED" Dart

    This was one I came across needing a new set of shoes badly. I did find a set, and with a little cutting, I got them under this bad~boy. It rolls great!!!

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    After getting the fat M2 wheels under the Dart, I opened up one of the JL Customizing Kit cars I have. I got another set under this Cuda Kit car...

    I got a little more brave and opened this Nova Customizing kit. If ya all remember these kit cars, you could build two complete cars from them. I cut and filed a square hole in the hood of this Nova for this JL super charged diecast engine and added a huge set of slicks and skinnies for the front.

    This was the second Nova I built from the same kit...


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      When I look at the tires under the back of these customs I hear Ving Rhames in the Arby's commercial saying, "WE HAVE... THE MEATS!"


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        Nice customs.
        I still can recall the days when I used to see a lot of 340 CID Darts at the drags.
        Steve, thanks for showing us your handiwork.

        Cheers. Cobra


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          Those rears are massive. Have fun with Drag Week.


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            Thanks for the cool comments guys. I do love customizing these little cars, but it took me a good long while before I started messing with the upper, higher dollar cars. With a 1 dollar Hot Wheels it was no big deal if ya messed it up. Now days at 6, 7,and even 8 bucks per car in some places, that's a major malfunction if ya goof one up. I think I have a little more nerve and skill to attack the GLs, JLs, RCs M2s and the AWs now...LOL


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              I may have posted this before, but can't remember. I did start carving, molding and casting many replacement pieces and customizing hop up parts. I hope to get back to this in the future!!!