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    Found these two matchbox in the blister packs today at Walmart, the Ford crown Victoria police car & the ford interceptor utility fire chief suv. Received these two from eBay today, the hummer H3 fire brigade national parks & the Chevy Silverado Park Ranger.

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    Nice finds! I am hoping to find the two 2019 models, but Walmarts here have not restocked for a number of months now...


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      Just found both in the past two days (today included). Found one set at Target and another set at Walmart (buying for a friend who lives out of town...and we have breakfast together Sunday mornings in a 'neutral' restaurant....where I'll present his pair.

      Funny story: I had been to that same Target the day before with nothing 'new' pegged. Was in the area again yesterday and stopped in again. Voila! But, the only thing I saw at first was the Crown Vic on the pegs. At the back of the peg it was on, kinda out-of-sight. But I have learned that some shoppers are pretty care-less and often knock or take something off a peg and then just drop it on the shelf below or in a different section of the aisle. So anyway, I look down behind the larger-scale things on the shelf below the pegs, and see spread out a few feet apart a couple of Matchbox cards. Turns out one is the Interceptor Utility. Down the same shelf under some other brand, is the latest color of the Scenic Cruiser bus. (I have only seen that one....none at the other stores I've visited in the past few days.)

      Earlier yesterday I stopped at the Walmart near my house and an 'associate' was stocking some things way up on the top shelf...had the rolling stairway/platform thing right in front of the Matchbox pegs. I saw something tantalizing on one of those pegs, asked him if he could move, he did, and I found the other pair of the VC and IU, and the new Dodge Power Wagon and Austen Healy Roadster in blue. All in all, a very good past couple of days (oh, even longer ago I found the new Polaris Slingshot...also the only one of those I've seen!) Seems it and the bus might be in demand. (I want to be only an emergency vehicle collector, but I'm really just a Matchbox addict...)

      I know, I know...."this post is useless without pictures"...I'll get some and post in the appropriate forum if nobody else has...


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        Oh, and nice finds on the Hummer and the Silverado, too!