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  • Johnny to the rescue

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    Waaay coool!


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      Great photo editing job!

      Hallmark could easily do it. They manage to hide the electrics in their fire trucks very well; even allowing them to have detailed interiors, but I suppose the bulk of it is hidden within the truck's bodywork, meaning it might be a bit tough to do it with a 1:64 car. But, given electronics these days, it's entirely possible for a very small board.


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        Neat! I know a guy who's done the working lights on a few models, he did one 1/64th one, but a couple or few bigger, maybe 1/24th or a little smaller, anyway he'd make every light work correctly like on a real emergency vehicle, and I mean every light, trunk, interior dome, everything, I believe that is what he did for a living, that is he worked at a place that made light sequencing boards or programs on real emergency vehicles. Anyway while I was working at his house I asked him if he ever sells them, he said no, only as gifts for his family, it is just an after work hobby and it takes forever to wire and light up one model, I want to say he thought it added up to about 30 hours in one model, he said he'd have to charge more than anyone would pay.