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  • Halloween Hit!

    Almost empty! My once full bowl of unwanted Matchbox has been a big hit with the kids on Halloween night. It's refreshing to see young boys and girls excited to grab a free car!

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    How fun...! And you saved those parents some dental bills.....LOL
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      Great idea, I know when I was a kid I would have loved to get a Matchbox car instead of candy, although back then a Matchbox would have been a bit of a hefty expense for the giver, since a piece of candy was only a penny, or a nickel for a chocolate bar, and Matchbox were 55 cents each. Lol


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        The kids love the cars more than candy. I gave out cars a couple times a few years back. The year I switched back to candy, I had repeat customers that remembered I had the house that gave out cars.

        What's more interesting is that half the cars I gave out were custom dyed Hotwheels that a friend had given me. He colored a lot of brand new cars and the ones that didn't turn out the color he wanted, he gave to me. There's kids out there that got "one-off" variations of cars. I always wondered if some cars might have made it into the hands of parents who were collectors and they could never find that variation listed in any book!
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          I gave out cars with candy the last couple of years, but searched for anything to give out this year and it was either really trashed junk or models I'm not ready to part with...or models that weren't $1 or less when new, and now are 'collectible'. So the poor kids only got candy and tooth rot from me this year...


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            In the past I gave out extra cars on Halloween, once my own kids came along those unneeded vehicles from the multiple pack started gong to them. I may revisit the idea in the future.