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Trabant 601 Polizei (Welly)

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  • Trabant 601 Polizei (Welly)

    New Polizei variant from the TRABANT 601 under WELLY brand. Scale 1/64 , Mi China, No. 52325 .

    This Trabant 601 represents a police vehicle from Germany in the time of the "union", about 1989/1990, when East Germany and West Germany were reunited.
    Whether there was a vehicle from East Germany (Trabant existed only in East Germany) with this only in West Germany common color scheme, I do not know exactly. There were such vehicles in any case, but I do not believe as a Trabant, certainly I do not know.

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    Yes, a Trabant police car - Welly has done a nice job on this one!


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        Wish Welly 1:64 were common in the States. 1:43 and larger is about all I find, and even that is sparse. Besides, looking at their catalog, I presume their focus is Europe anyway.

        Despite the accuracy of it, it definitely looks neat. I guess, for some reason, they couldn't use a Volkspolizei livery?


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          Neat model, Wonder if they repainted East German police cars to these colors after the reunification, rather than buy new cars for that region, but I don't know that the Soviets used Trabants for police, they were kind of an undependable car weren't they, or were they not that bad.


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            I have not bought this model in Germany, here is the Trabant police (yet?) Not to buy. I have it from Greece, where the Welly models at several suppliers (Ebay) have always been long before and often only to buy.
            I guess Welly is doing a sales offensive in some countries. In my region, there are occasionally Welly models to buy and if so often very expensive. Sometimes they are also available in the 1 Euro stores.
            This Trabant was certainly used in former East Germany (GDR) as a police car - but probably mostly as a civilian vehicle and after the merger of both German lands were also many people police cars with East German police paint on the colors in West Germany splashed or pasted, but never to my knowledge the Trabant. Although the Trabant with West German or German police stickers was often on police exhibitions or as a converted party vehicles, but I believe "on patrol" they have not really driven.
            So they were remodeled privately, but as official police vehicles the Trabant did not exist in this police design.
            But no matter - this model is supposed to document the merger and of course it belongs in my collection ...